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Current new users get free welcome API quota!

DMO.chat is a LLM Chat service developed by Deemo. Our aim is to provide flexible and convenient access to various LLM models for regular users.

Why 🤔

  • Flexible Plans: Instead of paying $20 per month for ChatGPT Plus, you can access GPT-4 and pay based on the amount you use.

  • Competitive Prices: We offer lower API pricing than those listed on OpenAI.

  • Better UI: DMO.chat has adopted the GUI from ChatGPT-Next-Web.

  • API Proxy: Thanks to One-API, you can have complete control over the usage of your key.

  • Future Updates: We are planning to add support for more LLM models, including Google PaLM2, and self-hosted models.

Get Started 🏁

Ready to chat? Refer to Instructions for how to get your keys and set it up!