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Currently, one without entering their key, is using a public key that has a limited capacity. Thats why you sometimes able to access and sometimes seeing the Token Ran Out Error:


Fill in Your Own Key 🔑

Thus you want to register an account at the Admin Page

Following the instruction on the Admin Page, you will be able to get your own api key:


Click Copy to get your API Key, and fill in into the API Key Section, and you will be good to go.


Easy Access 🚪

Tired of doing the above every few days? You can get a custom link so that every time you click the link, it fills the API Key Section for you.

Desktop App ✨

Besides using dmo.chat, you can also download a desktop app from this link.

If you are on MacOS, choose the one ending with .dmg

If you are on Windows, choose the one ending with .exe, and x64 for most machines

If you are on Linux, you can figure it out yourself :D

There are two things you will need to fill in

  1. Endpoint: https://admin.dmo.chat
  2. API Key: <YOUR TOKEN>